Why formulating a problem statement is a top critical thinking skill

How to formulate a problem statement is an essential skill to build. A problem statement doesn’t necessarily mean that there is a “problem” but it describes what you are trying to achieve, which can be an improvement, a problem to solve or a new and different way of doing things.

What can be challenging about creating a problem statement is to be able to lead with abstract thinking, instead of creating a solution before understanding the potential scope of what you are dealing with. The difference between creating the problem statement and finding the optimal solution can be seen as strategy vs. operations. If you are operation-driven, you may be in the habit of basing your performance on quantity (how much we do); if you are strategy-driven, you want to “think first” before going into action so that you can ensure you are on the right direction and could create a new way of doing based on quality, leading to better outcomes. You may still want to be...

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Feeling a gap in your behavior at work vs. other areas of life?

coaching strategy Nov 12, 2020

It is not uncommon to see differences in our behavior in various areas of life. Coaching can help provide a balance and tools to make you feel more comfortable where you may have challenges.

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Start with WHY

strategy Nov 05, 2020
I believe in keeping a strategic mindset in everything we do. We need focus and discipline to reach our goals. A first step to think about our goals and keep us motivated is to be clear about our Why:
Why are we doing what we are doing?
It seems trivial but I will challenge you to consider may things you do on a daily basis that may not be in line with the Why.
  • Your Why helps you prioritize your tasks
  • Your Why helps you set your goals and how to measure them
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