Would you like to learn how to get off the hamster wheel, find peace, joy and abundance in all areas of your life?

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What strategy can do for you

Let the abundance infuse in your life and kick the fear and the limits out.

TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR LIFE, let productivity flow and learn how to approach challenges in all areas of your life (spiritual, emotional, financial, romance, health, career) with a strategic mindset and the right tools and methods to solve them. Be so efficient that you spend less time on the hamster wheel and more time enjoying what you truly like doing, whether that is running on the beach or spending the day at the spa.

About Isabelle

Isabelle has been a business and marketing strategy executive in healthcare and nonprofit management for many years.  In 2020, while in the midst of COVID lockdown, Isabelle was diagnosed with early stage breast cancer and fully recovered after treatment. Isabelle saw her disease as a wake up call, motivating her to devote her life to what she is passionate about: empowering others, finding innovative solutions to any problems, and building transformative journeys as a life coach through strategic tools.
She is passionate about giving back, and has volunteered her time and talent with numerous nonprofit organizations. She is an outdoor and travel enthusiast, spending time hiking, paddle boarding, swimming and biking. 

"I am so grateful for your Holistic Strategy. My life has already upgraded since we started working together. I m excited to wake up early in the mornings (which was not my normal). You brought clarity into my goal setting. Things feel more attainable when I use the structures that you suggested. I also felt witnessed and held compassionately in my process. I feel empowered to move forward thanks to your business mindset and strategy."

Aya Dunin
Sound Bliss Yoga

"Working with Isabelle has been a life changing experience for me. I used to stress about sales and making money. I instantly felt like she understood what I was going through. Her coaching gave me the inspiration and tools to reaching and surpassing my sales goals while owning my own business..Isabelle’s guidance, support and honest feedback is teaching me to embrace my genuine approach to both my personal and professional life and live in a way that truly brings me joy."

Levi Kautz
Financial Advisor


I am committed to helping women and men get more joy, peace and abundance in their busy lives through innovative coaching using strategic mindset and tools.


I find creative solutions to business challenges with my extensive experience in business and marketing. I can help you thrive by sharing my strategic framework to implement effective tactics. 


I enjoy sharing my story and the lessons I learned that made me look at my life in a nonconformist way. And there is nothing like seeing others experience the transformation live!

Let's Connect

I invite you to discover what strategy can do for you.

My committment to you

I am here to be:

  • Loyal - no matter what you are going through or need, I will not let you down

  • Supportive -  I believe in your ability to succeed and will foster resilience 

  • Innovative - thinking outside the box is not everyone's habit and I will find the right solutions

  • Curious - I like listening more than talking

  • Courageous - I am here to be on your side and show you that you can reach what you thought impossible


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